TUF 4 A closer look at the matchups

By Paul Wednesday, November 08, 2006
Matt Serra vs. Chris Lytle : The TUF finals can make for difficult picks because the fighters have trained together for 6 weeks. The differences in style here is obvious, striker vs jiu jitsu, but the edge here will go to experience and will. Matt Serra has taken every win in the UFC to a decision, while Lytle's 2 UFC wins came by way of submission (oddly enough). Chris will not be able to sub Serra and Matt has proven against much bigger opponents that he can take a some punishment to get the fight to the ground and control the rounds. Chris' only chance is an early quick knock out in round 1 otherwise he will be controled by a wild monkey attacking from every angle. The fantasy picks board at Subfighter.com has Serra with 76% of the votes currently. Desert Dog Pick: Matt Serra by decision (+126). I've put 100 pts on it

Patrick Cote vs. Travis Lutter : Another very close match up, with the fight coming down to experience and will. Cote is very hungry and powerful, unfortunately his UFC history has been filled with fights that were over his head. His wins in TUF 4 were not overhwhelming or impressive. Patricks true weekness seems to be his ground defense. Travis is a submission technician and his showing in TUF 4 was more impressive. He showed in both of his fights an ease of taking down apponents and either controling or submitting them. Lutter's biggest weakness looks to be his lack of a "killer instinct". Although he may have been fighting softer in his semi match up against Pete to avoid any possible injury. Desert Dog Pick: Travis Lutter by submission (-118). I've put 100 pts on it.

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