UFC 64 Anderson Silva's Walk in the Park

By Paul Monday, November 06, 2006
Just a quick recap for those who didn't get to see it....count to thirty and close your eyes, that's what Franklin did. After Anderson Silva walked through Chris Leben like a house of match sticks, we all expected a great fight with franklin. It was a great fight unfortunately it was very one sided. I have not seen any reports from Franklin saying he was sick or injured. In his post fight interview he basically said that he did not expect Silva to be so strong in the clinch. Once he took that first big Muay Thia knee he looked ready to leave the building.

Matt Hughes stated (before the fight) that if Silva won he would consider bumping up in weight and fighting him, I wonder if he still has that ideal after watching the outcome.

Silvia has only been stopped by sumbission twice (except for a DQ for a low kick)he has never been knocked out and has taken down world class fighters both on his feet as well as on the ground. Silva should be an exciting middle weight champ to watch.

for official UFC photos go to the UFC 64 unstoppable photo gallery.

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