UFC 65 Jeff Monson vs Tim Silvia Odds Improving

By Paul Wednesday, November 15, 2006
As the bets for this fight have begun to flow into the sports books the very popular name and record of Tim Silvia is drawing alot of water. Odd for Jeff Monson have now climbed to +241. I placed my 100 fazools on Jeff "the Snowman" Monson today. The odds may well continue to improve for Monson as more bets come in.

The fight itself comes down to the classic "Brawl and Sprawl" vs "Brazilian Jiu Jitsu" match up. Silvia is a very accurate and powerful striker with an excellent takedown defense and at 6'8" he has a HUGE reach advantage over Monson at 5'9". Monson is a tank, but more importantly he is a 2 time world champion in BJJ. The fight comes down to, can Monson take Silvia down. His training and past preformances say yes. He has been specifically training to fight a tall sprawler. His strength, experience and expertise should provide him with the tools to get around the sprawl of the "Maine-iac" allowing Jeff to control the fight and eventually end it with a choke. Silvia showed his weekness against great ground games in his loss to former champ Frank Mir (Silvia had his arm snapped).

All but one of Tim Silvia's fight have been action-packed bang fests and this one should not dissapoint. Enjoy the fights
Desert Dog

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