UFC 65 New welterweight champ is GSP!!!

By Paul Monday, November 20, 2006
Georges St. Pierre gave the best fight of 2006 and gained the Welterweight Championship belt which he has been pursuing for over 2 years since his first and only loss to Matt Hughes. Matt for whatever reason believed that in the early bout he would be able to stand box with St. Pierre, which resulted in a near knockout in round one by a superman punch, which was only saved by the bell. During the first and second round Hughes did attempt at least three solid takedowns all of which were rejected by George and in one case GSP took Matt down. In the second round, GSP had set up his high kick with repeated leg kicks. As Hughes keyed in on these leg kicks for a single leg take down, GSP brought the kick upstairs and found his mark on Matt's temple. Hughes went down quickly and GSP followed into his halfgaurd with punches and elbows until Big John McCarthy called the fight.

A nice pay day for me as well by 300 pts at +141 added 423 pts to the basket of picks for the night.

Overall I went 6/8 on my picks, the two misses were McFredies and Monson. In total I came out +482 pts, ahh Monson....I guess David doesn't always beat Goliath. Brandon Vera will be Tim Sylvia's next opponent at UFC 68 in March and I think he is the best bet for a new Heavyweight Champ in the UFC.

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