How odds work for MMA matchups

By Paul Thursday, February 01, 2007
I've heard this question several times, so I thought a quick post might help.

MMA odds are laid out differently than most bets. They are usually shown in the US style which looks like -250 / +310. This layout looks at your bet in two possible ways. One if you bet on the favorite (-250) the negative amount represents how much you would have to bet to win $100; and second, if you bet on the underdog (+310) the amount represents how much you would win if you bet $100. This system emphasizes the value of betting on the dog and makes betting on the favorite seem much less profitable. The other sytems used for showing MMA odd are the traditional straight ratios (8/1), and the decimal system (1.26) which basicly says if you bet on the favorite you will get back 1.26 times your bet, which includes your original bet. Here's an example from a ufc 67 matchup. These odds show Silva is the favorite... note under all systems you would have the same winnings.

Silva vs Lutter

-500 / +300......US odds
1/5 & 3/1 ...........Traditional
1.2 & 4.0 ............Decimal

For a $100 bet the total back to your account is $120 (favorite) or $400 (underdog). As you can see the the US odds style is the hardest to relate directly to winnings if you are betting the favorite. Most just look at the US odds as a $500 bet to win $100. However, to calculate winnings for any bet size on the favorite it works out to (100/the odds) X your bet= your profit. Hope this long winded babble helps.

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