Pride 33 Results The Night of Upsets

By Paul Sunday, February 25, 2007
-Wanderlei Silva -265: 2.65 points to win 1 point: (-2.65) Henderson by TKO (New MW Champ)
-Nick Diaz +275: 1 point to win 2.75 points (+2.75): Diaz by Sub- Gogo plata
-Mauricio Rua -320: 6.4 points to win 2 points**(+2.0): Rua by TKO
-Antonio Rogerio Nogueira –1600: 8 points to win .5 points: (-8) wow Sokoudjou by KO (30 sec)
-Hayato Sakurai –600: 6 points to win 1 point: (+1) Sakurai by TKO

Overall Nogueira killed this set of bets. The final tally for the night was -4.9 points with 3 of 5 on bets. My overall picks for the night were 5 of 7 with Trigg pulling out a decision and Hansen submitting Ireland. I can handle the Henderson win, I believe I was on the right side of the odds there, but the Nogueira loss really hurt. This is a reminder to myself that when the odds require that big of a bet, you need to be sure with your research. I didn't know enough about Sokoudjou and made an ussumption I should't have. That's the excitement of MMA though baby.

Gongrats to Diaz, this really shows how good UFC fighters are. Your going to see a major change in the world ranks for Light weights.

You wanna make a bet....
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