UFC 68 Betting Line Shopping - Scalp Play

By Paul Sunday, February 25, 2007
The current line on Hughes (-500) offered by BetUS is a great deal beating both Pinnacle (-625) and BetCris (-650). As the fights get closer this line is going to get bet up so I would reccomend getting it while the action is good if you are planning on betting on this fight.

On a side note this line can also be "scalped", by taking the BetUS line -500 on Hughes and the BetCRIS line +525 on Lytle. You'll need to put 5 points on Hughes and 1 point on Lytle for a gaurantee of .25 points for a Lytle win and a break even for a Hughes win.

Scalps are only attractive if theres a better chance for the dog than in this fight or if the lines are significantly "off" like 100 points.

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Desert Dog

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2 comments to ''UFC 68 Betting Line Shopping - Scalp Play"

  1. Anonymous1:17 PM

    Nice blog dude!

    I bet on MMA fights regularly for almost 2 years now, using different bookies like Betcris, Pinnacle, The Greek or Sportsbook.

    I like your breakdowns and comments and will visit regularly before an event.



  2. Thanks Henry, check out UFCmania.com this week for my fight breakdowns and picks as well.

    good luck this week