UFC 68 Sylvia vs Couture Odds

By Paul Tuesday, February 13, 2007
Well, as I expected Tim Sylvia came in as the favorite (-275) in this matchup, but he is a heavier favorite than I expected. So we all know that Sylvia is around 6'8" and cuts to 265 lbs, so he fights at probably 270-75 or more. Tim's reach is reported at 84", now that's huge but in fighting terms reach should be measured shoulder to knuckles, because that is the true gap an opponent has to close. Randy Couture has a reach of 76" now that sounds like an 8" disadvantage, but remember it takes into account both arms and shoulders. The real reach advantage is 3-4" for Sylvia. In this fight reach will be an issue but not unsurmountable as many believe. Tim's biggest advantage in this fight is his weight, he could easily out weigh Randy by 40-50 lbs, that's alot for anyone. Randy is 6'2" 220-225 lbs, not small but, not giant. Couture's biggest advantages will be speed, experience, and a wider array of weapons than many of Tim's past opponents. Randy's most obvious tactic will be to punch his way into a takedown, from there he has a good selection of submissions, and a great ground 'n pound style. He is large enough that he won't face the problems that the 5'9" Jeff Monson faced when he did get on top of Sylvia he still couldn't reach him. Sylvia is going to play the game he always plays, sprawl and brawl, stay outside and let the long limbs fly.

I usually bet on the favorites, but this one is very winnable for Randy Couture and with current odds at +235, I'm putting 100 pts on him.
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  2. I don't think reach is an issue because Randy's gonna wanna take Sylvia to the mat.

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