Blogging for Dollars?

By Paul Saturday, March 10, 2007
As a blogger I'm always looking for ways to increase site traffic and make a couple of bucks to keep the place running. So during the slow times I run sponsored posts (this is one of them)through Payperpost.com. The posts can be about a really wide range of topics, but they usually need to have some relation to your own site, but it can be rather indirect.

Advertisers put up money for blogs that meet certain requirements (size, traffic, Google rank etc) there's usually 80-90 opportunities open at a time and they're values range from $6.00 per post to $1000. A blogger with a well ranked page can make a decent piece change without a lot of effort. Typically I make enough posts (2-3 ) to make 20-30 bucks and cover my blogging expenses.

Just recently Payperpost has announced that they are going to be making some big changes, providing even more opportunities. What will it be I'm not sure but my guess is the ability to name your own price or negotiate on the big ticket posts.

Personally I just enjoy getting to write about what interests me and if there's a way to make $20 a month to support the site I'm happy.

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