Diego Sanchez vs Josh Koschek UFC 69 Odds

By Paul Friday, March 16, 2007
Josh KoscheckDiego SanchezThe odds in this fight have continue to move in favor of Diego Sanchez and have currently reached -240. In a previous post "Patrick" commented that if Koscheck's odds hit +200 (which they are at now) he might put some money on him. I think Diego is most likely going to win this fight but if an upset is going to happen at UFC 69 this is one of the most probable bouts.

Looking back to their original, split decision, fight during TUF 1, it was obvious what both of their strengths were and what areas needed work. Diego has always had a sound ground game with decent wresting skills, his stand up was still under construction during TUF 1. Diego's biggest weakness in the fight was his ability to defend against the takedowns of a great wrestler. However, when the fight did go to the ground Koscheck was not able to capitalize on his big takedowns, nor did he show the ability to be a finisher in that fight.

Since their last meeting both have improved significantly. Diego Sanchez (14-0) has become a well rounded fighter, continues to train with Greg Jackson's camp, and is ranked by many as the #3 welterweight in the UFC. Josh Koscheck (8-1) who trains at the American Kickboxing Academy, has been on a tear of his own winning all 4 of his 2006 fights. He continues show his greatest strength to be his wrestling, but he has added a greater ability to finish on the ground with both submissions and good ol' "ground 'n pound". He's also showed some changes in his standup game, throwing huge (Liddell style) overhands and hooks. He has yet to finish and opponent with them and his technique still looks open and a bit wild; but if he can land one he could easily walk away with the upset.

If the odds hit +250 for Koscheck, I'll put a bet on him pulling out a suprising TKO, otherwise I'm betting on Sanchez to finish this in the 2nd round with a knee followed by a G'nP TKO.

You wanna make a bet....
Desert Dog

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6 comments to ''Diego Sanchez vs Josh Koschek UFC 69 Odds"

  1. Patrick7:07 PM

    You think the odds are likely to keep going to go up even more for koscheck or you think now would be the time to buy? I know it depends on how people bet but what is the usual pattern... Oh yeah, and i appreciate the shoutout, ha ha

  2. I'd give it the rest of this week. You should be able to get +200 through then. Typically when the marketing hype starts there will be some swings again, and then the 2 days before the fight the price will move again with the big influx of late bettors (most people).

    It looks like most people aren't taking Kos very seriously right now, so there is a good chance the odds will bump up as late support piles in behind Sanchez just before the fight.

    You could place half your bet now, and half later. Personally I'm going to hold out.

  3. Anonymous8:35 PM

    I believe that Koscheck has a good chance of defeating Sanchez. Koscheck is so athletic and his takedowns have been extremely effective. I beleive we are going to be in for an upset.

  4. Patrick3:37 PM

    I chickened out and only put half of what I was originally going to put on it ever since I heard about the chuck/rampage fight... Im throwing the house on rampage if he comes in as any kind of underdog.

  5. Oh, he will! The standing champ always has overvalued odds, and with with Rampage not having a huge fan base yet (here), I bet he comes in at +300 or better.

    Your making a good play man.

  6. Excellent post, Desert.