George St Pierre vs Matt Serra UFC 69 Odds Look Rough

By Paul Monday, March 26, 2007
The betting odds are just plain ugly GSP (-900) vs Matt Serra (+600)....BetUS Lines

The record is clear, George "Rush" St. Pierre (16-1) has beaten a slew of top fighters in the 170 division on his way to the belt and only appears to be improving. His game is extremely well rounded and topped off with exceptional conditioning. So, how does someone beat George? He has to make a mistake and his opponent has to capitalize immediately. Thus the deservedly ugly odds for Serra.

Matt Serra (8-4) is a world class Jiu-Jitsu black belt and consummate professional. He has shown the ability to capitalize on weaknesses and has hung with some of the top fighters in the world. That is what he will likely do with St Pierre, hang in there. Matt's a smart fighter he knows where his strengths lie and will look to keep the fight close and preferably on the ground. That's a tall order and even if he gets it George is solid in any position.

The pick here is obviously George St. Pierre, but the odds are to high for a straight bet...But it's a great pick to use in a 2 FIGHT PARLAY.

My play is to Parlay GSP (-900) with Diego Sanchez (-200), the odds for the parlay bet are (-140). This is a great way to improve the odds on Sanchez.

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