Mike Swick vs Yushin Okami UFC 69 Matchup

By Paul Tuesday, March 20, 2007
These two are a bit of a mirror image, tall lean fighters, who like to stand up using a Muay-Thia /Tae-Kwon-Do style, and are undefeated in the UFC.

Mike "Quick" Swick (9-1) trains at AKA with the likes of Josh Koscheck and Jon Fitch. His two most resent wins over Joe Riggs and David Loiseau have put him in line for a title shot but he's going to have to get through Okami first. Mike's finished most of his fights "Quick" with 6 of his wins coming in the first round via 3 TKO's and 3 submissions. (Highlight video)

Yushin Okami (19-3) has a solid record but has yet to face stiff competition in the UFC. His 3 wins here were over Kalib Starnes, Rory Singer, and Alan Belcher, not exactly an all-star line up. He does have a win over Anderson Silva in 2006, but it was only because he got knocked out with an illegal kick from the ground (Silva believed it was legal).

Watching Okami fight he shows alot of the same attributes you see in Swick, fast and accurate standup, and great angles, but he's missing the submission skills. Okami often shoots on other stand up fighters trying work the GnP; if he trys it with Swick, he might take a nap with a large knee imprint on his head or find out how good Mike's submission game is. On the feet this should be a high speed fight with a lot of great exchages.

In the end, Mike has the momentum and overall skill and should win this fight. My quick pick is Swick by 2nd round TKO (knee to the head).

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