UFC 69 Betting Odds

By Paul Friday, March 09, 2007
BetCRIS and BOOKMAKER have released their early odds for the two main fights on the UFC 69 card. Nothing too suprising, St. Pierre is a heavy favorite (-800) and Sanchez (-175) is a slight favorite over Koscheck (+155). ***Note Sanchez was quickly bought up at his opening price and is now at -205 and Kosckeck has moved to +175.

"Rush" will win but the odds for a straight bet aren't worth it. Sanchez vs Koscheck has some value betting either side, I'm leaning pretty strong toward Sanchez winning this outright. I will wait for odds to come out on a few other fights, but I may use a three bet parlay on this card.

American bettors: BetCRIS has created a specific site for us.... BOOKMAKER. The odds are always the same, the seperation was made to deal with money tranfers seperately. You'll notice if you go to BetCRIS to sign up for a new account they are directing US players there now. The new sight has a little different look up front but all the betting features are the same.

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2 comments to ''UFC 69 Betting Odds"

  1. Patrick8:49 PM

    I really can't remember Diego's and Josh's first fight too well but I remember it ending in a split decision... I might have to rewatch that fight in order to make a decision but if the odds get to +200, i might throw a little money on Koscheck... Diego has been nothing but impressive but Josh has also developed some skills. It will be a very interesting matchup... And I would definitely stay away from that St. Pierre fight... I dont like those odds at all

  2. I think you're right on the money Patrick. Koscheck has only been getting better.

    The money is still coming in strong for Diego, putting KOS at +175 now. Chances are pretty good that one of the books will have at +200 soon enough. That would be too good to pass up at least a small bet.