Chuck Liddell The Next Upset Victim At UFC 71 ?

By Paul Monday, April 23, 2007
"What if"....One forum member wrote "What if Serra Knocks out GSP, What if Gonzaga kicks Cro Cop's head off"??? The replies were the same everywhere.. "whatever man I know Randy was an upset but don't get carried away, these guys don't just get knocked out by any schmuck. We all need to reconsider who the schmucks are.

My favorite comment was I'd love to see Dana Whites face if Cro Cop got knocked the *&%$ out right in front of him. Well It happened and although he dropped a brick in his pants, he knows he's sitting pretty with all sorts of unexpected match ups down the road and millions of UFCManiacs hungrily waiting for more.

So now that another UFC division was turned on it's ear, what could be next? The light-heavyweights at UFC 71 of course and the odds are the upset trend will continue. The reasons for Quinton "Rampage" Jackson to lose his next fight are already piling up. His confidence is lacking, his standup hasn't progressed, his takedowns aren't good enough, Chuck has his game figured out....Yada yada yada. Anything can happen, period!

All I know is I'll be watching next month, with just as much anticipation as I was this weekend. I 'll study their workouts, listen to their fight plans, estimate their confidence, play out the fight scenarios in my mind and place my bets just like I always do; but whether I win or lose, I'll always happy when fighters really put it on the line and prove us all wrong with a performance of a lifetime.
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