Diego Sanchez Odds Fade Higher

By Paul Tuesday, April 03, 2007
The moneyline on Diego Sanchez at BetUS is now up to -250. Money will likely continue to come in behind him this week. However, the "Parlay Play" mentioned in my last post still stands, the parlay odds are now -180 combining Sanchez (-250) and George St Pierre (-900). Not as sweet of a deal as yesterday but still worth the bet.

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1 comment to ''Diego Sanchez Odds Fade Higher"

  1. Anonymous9:52 PM

    Hey I got this blog bookmarked. I think your advice makes a hella of sense. Pretty much i reached the same conclusions. GSP is almost a given. So I'd like to know WHY you think Koscheck would win/lose against Diego. BTW, my bets are already in. I stand to make some nice coin if Diego gets the win.