Down the River but Not out of the Water

By Paul Monday, April 30, 2007
Well being a working man has it's positives and negatives. I'll be on the the river 23 of the next 30 days so my updates will be sparse this month. I will post the odds as they come and I go. I will also outline all of my picks for UFC 71 and at what odds I'm willing to drop a dime. The analysis of each fight will be short to nill though.

Please keep your eyes on, MadSquabbles, and the rest of the live updated headlines from the MMA world on the left side of the blog.

Almost every fight on the UFC 71 card is an interesting and challenging match-up, with the exception of Jardines fight (we'll see). Keep your eyes out for injuries or other unusual distractions for the fighters.

Parisyan vs Burkman has many implications for the division and is built to be a war. Gouveia vs. Marrero fight puts great BJJ in against very good Judo. Terry Martin has an opportunity to prove that his first win at 185 was no fluke in a battle with Salaverry, a serious veteran. Leben....yes even Leben has a fight on his hands with Starnes. If Starnes can get over being pussywhipped by Okami, he'll realize he's got a great style to give Chris a run for his money. James Irvin vs. Thiago Silva...slugfest. Eric Schafer vs. Sean Salmon .....redemption fight...someone always shines. Din Thomas vs. Jeremy Stephens, hows that new black belt fitting Din?

You wanna make a bet....
Desert Dog

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