Michael Bisping vs Elvis Sinosic UFC 70

By Paul Monday, April 16, 2007
This bout is seen by most as an opportunity for the very popular Bisping to put on a great show and get a solid win in front of his home crowd. His opponent, Elvis Sinosic (8-9-2) obviously has a losing record, but his list of opponents is impressive. Here's a snip from a UFC press release

Beginning with a close five round decision loss to Frank Shamrock in 2000 (back when Shamrock was on top of his game), Sinosic has battled some of the best in the game, from Jeremy Horn and Tito Ortiz to Evan Tanner and Renato Sobral, with a sprinkling of contenders and up and comers like Daijiro Matsui, Sanae Kikuta, Griffin, and Sakara mixed in.
The only problem with the list of big name opponents is that Elvis has a big "L" next to all but one of them. Elvis is a well rounded fighter, grounded in Jiu-jitsu; but, he's just plain beat down. Unless the odds come out +800 to +1000 I would avoid betting on him.

Michael "the Count" Bisping (13-0) has obvious talent in both the stand-up and on the ground (videos). He has not faced a high level UFC fighter yet but his popularity on TUF as well as his recent preformance at UFC66 have folks holding him with high expectations. In this particular match up, I see Bisping having an edge in all positions especially on the feet. I'd give him an 80% chance to win and the odds will probably come in between -350 and -500. From -400 on down this will be a recommended bet.

**Update: the odds from BetUS are in and Bisping is sitting at -600. I'm still picking to Michael to win but the odds don't warrent a bet, you're getting a better deal betting on Cro Cop.

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