UFC 69 Bizzaro World

By Paul Wednesday, April 11, 2007
Well, I've had a relaxing weekend with the kids and finally decided to rewatch a couple of Saturday's fights just to make sure it was real. Obviously it was a bad night in terms of bets for myself and many others I'm sure. I went 5 of 9 on my picks and 0 for 4 on my bets....sweeeet. Fortunately, I follow my own advice and the night only resulted in a loss of 12% of my bankroll.

I can stomach all of the results, it's why I love MMA. Matt Serra did exactly what he said he would do shock the world. No questionable decision, no last minute tapout, first round TKO. No need to reassess GSP as a fighter it's simply time to take Serra seriously.

What I can't stomach was the showing by Sanchez. Was that bizzaro Sanchez? He never pushed, he never varied his attack (if you can call it that), he barely fought, and to top it off; on his Myspace blog he's now claiming to be 20-0??? Maybe he posted it the night before. I hope he takes an honest look at that fight and gets back to work the next time he's in the ring.

Well I'm not one to cry over spilt blood for too long, time to ramp up for UFC 70 Nations Collide....

You wanna make a bet....
Desert Dog

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