UFC 70 Early Betting Odds

By Paul Sunday, April 15, 2007
A quick note on the only odds out for UFC 70 thus far. Betting lines are currently open for Mirko "Cro Cop" Filipovic (-500) vs Gabriel Gonzaga (+400) at BookMaker and Sportbet. Bookmaker has had their lines open for about a week now with no movement.

Betting on this fight looks to be going the way of the St. Pierre/Serra bout. Very low volume due to a belief that this is an unwinnable fight for Gonzaga. Folks who are laying money on Mirko are likely making small "safe" bets, while licking their wounds from the GSP loss. The result is little money to push odds up for Gonzaga.

I expect that the books will take matters into their own hands and push the odds on Gonzaga higher Starting Wednesday. My pick for this fight is a resounding "CRO COP", so I'm taking the odds offered from bookmaker now. I really don't think it will get any better than -500 (83% probability to win and 20% return).

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