UFC 71 Early Betting Odds

By Paul Thursday, April 26, 2007
BetUS.com has released thier moneyline odds for the the top two UFC 71 fights.

Chuck Liddell (-260) vs Quinton "Rampage" Jackson (+200)
Jackson is a good deal from here on up. This is a type of fight Chuck hasn't seen since maybe his battles with Couture. Jackson has an advantage if he can get it to the ground but he's also close to even in terms of stand-up game. Liddell's counter striker style has held strong for him through thick and thin but in this fight it could play against him if he can't find the finishing shot.

More analysis to come, but I'm dropping a bet right now while the odds are here.

Karo Parisyan (-350) vs Josh Burkman (+250)
Another good dog bet on Burkman from +200 on up. Two solid fighters who have taken all but a few of their fights to decision. It's not because they are boring fighters, it's because they're tough to finish. Neither has great KO power they just beat their opponents down with relentless aggression.

Burkman could easily pull off the upset in this fight especially if it goes to decision...and odds are it will. Karo tends to be more of a counter attacker while Burkman tends to attack more consistantly.

It would be sweet if this turns into another Sanchez vs Parisyan.....We're due for a real war.

You wanna make a bet....
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