Can you say busy month? UFN 9 Just finished up as well as the premiere of TUF 5 and now you only have 2 days until UFC 69 and Oh by the way 3 weeks until UFC 70.

The odds table for UFC 69 is up and my picks and bets will be out tommorrow/Friday depending on when BetUS gets their odds out.

Alright, quick recap of the UFN 9 Picks, I went 2/4 on the dog bets which is about as good as I expected, final profit of a meek 0.4 points.

Stevenson vs Guillard: wham bam, nice defense on the toe hold, Guillard looked to clear and stand, but left his head out for 1/2 a second too long.....Guillotine good night. PS very nice sportsmanship at the end of the fight.

Hardonk vs McCully: Justin stuck to his game plan to a tee. It wasn't pretty, but he exposed a real weakness for Hardonk....take down defense and a need to work that ground game. McCully was jacked in the post fight interview....Joe usually has to fill in some dead air when he says "walk us through the replay" not this time. The adrenaline was still flowing like he'd just won a belt.

Florian vs Mishima: Mishma played his usual game odd moves, good take downs, but Florian had the answers. He controled the fight in all positions and I'll be the first to eat my words...He's really improved his standup especially the kicks. His GnP looked very powerful as well. Mishma was being owned all the way to late round 3 when he found a super solid knee bar, Kenny was very close to tapping but showed amazing heart and worked out of it. He finished quickly with accurate GnP and then transitioned to a RNC for the submission.

Carniero vs Clementi: This one obviously wasn't televised, but Carniero took a unanimous decision. According to the FightNetwork it went something like this.....take down repeat 5 times, RNC attempt, repeat for 3 rounds. Sounds about as exciting as the McCully fight.

I want to mention one prelim fight that was televised Pellegrino vs Mohr. This was a short but good fight. Pellegrino was ready to show off all his new boxing skills until he realized he was very outclassed there. Mohr looked very powerful, fast, and technical. The bout quickly moved to the ground. Mohr was very active from his back but when he worked the up kicks Pellegrino showed his BJJ prowess and pounced. Pellegrino was rightly very happy with his preformance but, I think Mohr could make a great addition to the division. Hopefully we will see him again.

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