The 'Ol One-Two: UFC 71 In The Books

By Paul Saturday, June 02, 2007

I'm just getting back from work and had to drop a quick post about the UFC 71 results. I'll start by saying SWEEEEEET night of fights and bets.

Rampage came through and showed that in the ring and in the cage he's got what it takes. The LHW and HW divisions are looking fantastic these days with hopes of many dream fights looking very probable over the next year.

Terry Martin's fight again showed that he is for real, I'd like to see how he does in a fight that goes a few rounds to see how his conditioning really is, but he looked very solid at 185.

The Starnes vs Leben fight showed why you play the odds in match ups that you perceive as even (or close to it). Leben has some soul searching to do after dropping this decision loss. I still enjoy watching him fight, but anyone fighting at that level is looking for a path to some title and I doubt he's going to see a shot in the UFC.

Burkman just got eaten up by an in shape and hungry Parisyan. Halfway through round 2 you could see the wind drop out of Josh's sails. Karo may have to either take one more fight before his title shot. Once Serra beats Hughes (Yes, I said it) The Parisyan vs Serra rematch would be one I'd love to see, but timing wise Karo may have to fight again or sit out more than 6 months waiting.

Alexander Houston showed some of the most devastating upper cuts I've seen since Tyson was putting people to sleep. Just before the fights I'd picked up more info on him and was close to dropping a half bet on him, but, decided to just let it lie and see what he had to offer. Apparently, he offers heaping fists full of pain.

My last bet was on Salmon....Oy vey, at least it was a half bet! I said it was my least favorite bet, but damn man, I'm not so sure he belongs in the octagon. I don't want to take anything away from Belcher, but that was a horrible (albeit brief) showing.

Overall, the double bet on Martin, full bet on Rampage, and 1/2 bet on Starnes left me well ahead on the night. I wish the upcoming card for UFC 72 and Fight Night 10 were a little more interesting but these cards will help solidify standings in a few divisions. I'm still very busy with work but I will try to post my fight analysis and picks for the June events.

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