UFN 10: Great Fights and Great Bets

By Paul Wednesday, June 13, 2007
For myself that was one of the best Ultimate Fight Nights I've seen. Not just because I went 5/5 on my bets. The fights were all decisive and action packed. The crowd never booed out of boredom there were no derisive split decisions (although oddly Fisher thought his fight should have been a draw).

I would have liked to see the "Barn Cat's" Fight but from what I hear it wasn't too exciting.

Only one real low note for the night was Alonso's Late stoppage after McFedries put Radev down and then pounded 3 more nails into his coffin. I don't know if he was making eye's at the ring girls or if he just forgot where he was and what his job was. That was extremely dangerous, and I have to give McFedries some of the blame for not stopping after crushing his head into canvas the first time. Adrenaline or not these guys are pros and should be in control of all their actions.

I'll have odds, picks, and bets for UFC 72 up tonight or tomorrow morning. Now go do something with your goddamn day.......

You wanna make a bet....

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