Farewell Randy Couture

By Paul Thursday, October 11, 2007
Randy Couture may be one of the best things to have ever happened to MMA and the UFC. His persona, his ethic, his relentless strength and and intelligence made him one of the best ambassadors the sport has ever seen. If I was a kid...or a middle age man, he's the ideal role model in terms of how to pursue your ambitions.

I am glad he's going out on top and of course I wish he'd stepped in the Octagon with Fedor, but in the end what a superb fighting career. Besides complementing him the only thing that comes to mind knowing I won't see him fight again is....FUCK!

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Desert Dog

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6 comments to ''Farewell Randy Couture"

  1. Couldn't agree more. My life feels incomplete.

    Couture is my favorite fighter, bar none, and I don't achieve a higher thrill than watching him in the Octagon. He's like a drug to me, and realizing that I'll never see him compete again is a very dark prospect.

    Sure, leaving the game on top is the object, but Fedor vs Couture will forever remain a dream fight, that is sure to be argued by fanboys for generations to come. It's just depressing to see Couture's career culminate to an anticlimactic finale. There are few doubts that I would've taken Couture, in a fight against the six-foot Fedor, but it would've been something else to watch my pick materialize before me and engraved in stone.

  2. um you guys do realize Randy never said anything about retirement, right? It looks like he has to sit out 9 months or whatever the exact time left on his contract, then he can sign to fight Fedor in M-1 if he really feels up to the task.

    imfamoushamster, if Randy is like a drug to you, given that Rogan says Randy's on hormone replacement therapy, you might be getting some testosterone and HGH secondhand :)

  3. sorry I think my contract speculation was wrong. While we still don't know for sure, it sounds like Randy is locked in the UFC contract. If that's the case his options are retire, finish out his contract, get Zuffa to renegotiate with him, or somehow buy out the contract. I now think retirement is unfortunately likely despite Randy's denial of it.

    Anyway looking forward to reading your thoughts on 77's undercard, Desert Dog.

  4. Anonymous10:03 PM

    Do you ever update this site anymore?

  5. Dog's one of my favorite analysts, but I think he's been caught up with more important matters. I know that he didn't post any of his picks for 76, and it looks like he's gonna skip 77, as well.

    Dog, if it's a matter of exposure, and you want more people to read your analysis, I could always talk to the guys at Zewkey. I'm good friends with everyone there.

  6. Nathan9:47 AM

    So do we know why he is leaving the UFC?