UFC 78 Betting Odds Rolling Out

By Paul Wednesday, November 14, 2007
A complete set of picks and bets will be coming soon, but I wanted to highlight a couple of lines that BookMaker.com just released.

One of the fights you likely won't see is Tamden McCrory (+215) vs Akihiro Gono (-275). This line is a steal, Tamden (8-0) may be a self proclaimed geek but he's also a 6'4" freak in the cage. He won his first 6 fights via TKO and his last 2 by submission, including Pete Spratt for his UFC debut. Gono is very seasoned (27-12-7) but, he is 5'9" , making his UFC debut, and has not fought in a year. Yes Gono has seen it all and is basically fighting a kid, but, this match up looks very good for Tamden's reach, style, and pace. Tamden via TKO.

The other line to keep an eye on is Karo Parisyan vs Ryo Chonan. BookMaker's line of +275 on Ryo is the best yet and may be just enough for those of you who are leaning toward a debut win for the "Piranha".

There are some other lines worth betting on but I'll hit those on my complete write up, which will be posted here and at MMAMania.com Thursday or Friday.

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5 comments to ''UFC 78 Betting Odds Rolling Out"

  1. Patrick10:34 PM

    I think that Tamden McCrory line might be wrong on that website because i've seen him at a -215 favorite also. Anyway, if thats your guy, you better jump all over it before they catch it. My big bet of the night is Houston Alexander at -140. I was expecting him to open up around -200 so i was more than happy to get -140. I sure hope he can pull it out for my sake, ha ha.

  2. he's at +200 to +215 at all books...the line on Alexander is a very good value as well.

  3. Patrick2:26 PM

    Ok well they caught the mistake then. These were the odds yesterday.

    At BetCris
    Akihiro Gono: -255
    Tamden McCrory: +215

    At Sportsbet:
    Akihiro Gono: +215
    Tamden McCrory: -275

    I triple checked yesterday just to make sure. I guess if Gono was your guy, he could've been taken advantage of.

  4. damn you should have taken both of those...pretty rare to get scalp like that.

  5. Patrick9:10 PM

    I caught a line mistake at BETUS on the tyson griffin/tavares fight and they took it off. 99% of the time that happens.