UFC 78: Karo Parisyan vs Ryo Chonan Betting Odds

By Paul Monday, November 12, 2007
Karo Parisyan (videos) is best know for making every fight a war and this match up sets the stage for another fast paced, technical battle. Karo's 17-5 record doesn't tell his story on it's own, but a closer look defines his fighting style. First, he's only lost to three people Sean Sherk (3 times, 2000-1), Georges St Pierre (2004), and most recently to Diego Sanchez (2006)...his showing at both of his UFC losses were very respectable. Second, Karo wins almost all of his fights via decision, this is due to his relentless and technical style.

Unfortunately, it also shows he's not known for his stand up power or his ability to finish submissions. He has the core strength you here about with all top level grapplers and a pitbull mentality, that's what wins fights for him and that's what makes him fun to watch.

Ryo Chonan (videos) is forever know as the guy who took out Anderson Silva with a flying scissor heel hook....just remember he was getting his ass kicked for most of that fight. He has lost to several other big names in the 185 lb division like Fihlo, Henderson, and Baroni.

Now for his move to the UFC he's dropped down to the Welterweight division in hopes that he won't have to deal with being overpowered. He's also been training with Team Quest and his new hero Dan Henderson. He believes this has really improved his striking style and wrestling skills. His short comings against almost all of his opponents has been his standup and very short reach we'll see what some TQ time has done for him. Once things hit the ground though he is dangerous from all positions. His submissions are slick and unorthodox, much like Karo's style. Now he just has to get use to the UFC crowds, the cage, and elbows in a match up with Karo sounds like fun huh.

Look for Karo to actually work his standup in the first part of this fight. By round two Chonan will be closing the distance and Karo will shift to his favorite standby, the judo throws. Round two will probably decide this fight if Karo can control and GnP he will continue this through the third round and win via decision. If Ryo is going to win, it will be due to greater strength and ground control or catching him with an unusual submission.

Overall Karo's pace and ever improving skill set should be enough to out slick the "Piranha". The Early odds have Karo as a heavy favorite at -365 and Ryo's odds are coming in around +255. Not the numbers I wanted to see for a bet on Karo. There's value on a Parisyan bet if the odds get below -300 and on Ryo if the Odds get to +300 . Wtih the odds where they are I'll be more like to make a small dog play on Ryo, although I really think Karo takes it. I'll give it until Friday to see where the odds end up. Play smart and enjoy the fights.

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  1. Donald5:39 PM

    Good analysis, but Anderson Silva wasn't kicking Chonan's ass before the submission. It was a close fight, and the announcers thought Chonan was winning. That made the flying heel hook even more crazy because it wasn't a total desperation move.