UFC 82: Anderson Silva vs Dan Henderson Booked

By Paul Wednesday, November 21, 2007
The best thing that came out of UFC 78....Dana White announced Anderson Silva will fight Dan Henderson at UFC 82, currently scheduled for March 1, 2008 in Ohio.

Most of the MMA community sees this as the best possible challenge to Silva's reign over the thin Middleweight division, but up until this announcement, Dan Henderson didn't seem to agree. Dana has once again shown a fighter a big pile of green reasons and convince him otherwise.
Early Betting Odds for Silva vs Henderson:
Anerson Silva is currently sitting as a mild favorite at -170 at Bookmaker.
Dan Henderson is of course the underdog but looking good at + 140

Desert Dog

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3 comments to ''UFC 82: Anderson Silva vs Dan Henderson Booked"

  1. jjdnb4:59 PM

    Hey Dog, how do you figure out if a fighter is a 3 to 1 favorite, while looking at the odds?
    I hear people say things like that but can you explain how to come up with those numbers?

  2. Hey JJdnb, For your example of a 3 to 1 favorite, it simply means you have to lay $3 to win $1, the moneyline for this favorite would be -300. So, whenever you look at the line for the favorite just divide by 100 and you get your base number (ie. -240 = 2.4 : 1 fav).

    Myself I prefer to break moneylines down to percentages or the chance of a fighter winning. There's 2 ways one for the Fav and one for the dog.

    Favorite: Amount to win $100 / (Amount to win $100 + $100) = Favorite %

    For the Underdog: 100 / (Amount won when wagering $100 + $100) = Underdog %.

    Comparing these percentages to what you expect them to be will help you to determine if there is value in a line.

  3. jjdnb3:59 PM

    ok thx bud