UFC 80: Gabriel Gonzaga vs Fabricio Werdum

By Paul Tuesday, January 08, 2008
It's always interesting to see rematches when almost every variable has changed. A little over 4 years ago these two met in Jungle Fight 1. The fight took place in a ring, outside, in very high heat and humidity, and Gonzaga was 20 lbs smaller than Werdum. They both put on a good transition clinic for about a round and a half. After that it was a fight of attrition. These guys were toast....soggy toast. I would expect the rematch to look nothing like this....

Gonzaga vs Werdum 1 Fight at Ultimate MMA Videos

With four years of experience, Cro Cops head on a platter and a shot at the title under his belt, Gonzaga has gained a lot of respect and his odds are showing it. Fabricio's last outing against Arlovski didn't help his image. Fabricio's greatest strength is his sub game but he too often relies on others taking him down to get the fight to the ground. His wrestling is surprisingly weak and if his opponent wants to keep a fight standing it's not too hard to do. Gonzaga has shown some serious gains in striking ability and power and if it does stay on the feet for more than one round Werdum is done. Gonzaga's current betting odds are -250, I would like to see the odds hit -200. This might happen with prefight hype and the reminder the Werdum won the first time around. Give it a little time, If Gonzaga hits -200 or -210 he's a safe bet with some OK value.

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  1. TheManalyst8:57 AM

    Good points, but I am still taking my time on evaluating this one. There is just so much to think about. I see Gonzaga pushing the pace, but Werdum likes to push back. Gonzaga isn't the greatest against the cage either. And we ALL know that the cage shock is a factor, so I look to see a more comfortable Werdum. But then again Gonzaga is a tough s.o.b. nowadays. I wonder if having the new kids will hurt him, maybe relax him a little too much. Eh, I like the underdog bet here. But like I said there is just too much to factor in.