Desert Dog's Top UFC 82 Underdogs To Keep An Eye On

By Paul Friday, February 22, 2008
There are some unique match ups in line for UFC 82 and a couple of them are very prime dog bets. Aside from the slight under dogs like Tanner, Henderson, and Fioravanti, there are two big underdogs who are sliding under the radar a bit.

Dustin Hazelette (+365 Bookmaker) and David Bielkheden (+400 Bookmaker) may not be names you recogognize immediately but they are serious contenders against Koscheck and Sanchez respectively. The odds offered are reflective of name recognition and not the actual match ups at hand. It's probable that only one of these guys will pull of an upset, but with the odds offered a bet on both will pay off nicely, even with only one of them winning.

Dustin Hazellett is a smart submission specialist who has had his best success against agressive wrestlers and strikers. His skill set on the ground plays into Koscheck's ground game. Hazellett is very proficient at avoiding damage on his back and then laying on the submission. On his feet he's as good as Koshcheck and his slight reach advantage should help him out too.

Even without the odds, I would actually lean toward Hazellett as my straight pick in this fight. Koscheck is a great athelete and he can use his strength to get out of many bad situations, but in this fight I don't think it will save him. I see Hazellett's skill as the deciding factor.

David Bielkheden trains with Brazilian Top Team and that alone tells you he comes ready for a war. "The Scandanavian Lion" holds a black belt in Jiu-Jitsu, has good takedowns and some very strong ground 'n pound. Watching David's highlight reels you can see how his agressive style, strong standup and strength on the ground could hand Diego his third loss.

Out of these two fights Hazellett has the best chance for an upset. Bielkheden's chances are definitely good enough for a bet but his losses have been to fighters with slick technical styles and when Diego is on he can definitely stay a step ahead of his opponent. We'll just have to see if Diego is on or not.

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