Elite XC "Street Certified" Betting Odds

By Paul Thursday, February 07, 2008
ELITE XC "Street Certified" airs February 16 on Showtime. The event will take place at the Bank United Center in Miami, Fla. Some how the "big fight" for this show is between two guys who draw about as much attention as the repubilcan primaries in the MMA world. Elite has pulled in some good talent, but their pool is shallow and it shows in this card.
Main Card Bouts:

"Kimbo Slice" Ferguson (-450 Bodog) vs. David "Tank" Abbott (+370 Bookmaker)
Not sure how many MMA fans actually care about this fight. Old school dirt bag fighter, vs old school street fighter, I guess. Tank has had his ass whooped by some of the legends of the sport and landed a few haymakers of his own.

Kimbo of course is an internet legend, with a basic boxing style. He has been training with Bas Rutten for some time now and Bas seems to feel he’s got what it takes, well at least to beat “Tank”. I’ll agree with Bas, but there’s no reason to put any money down on either of these old bastards. I can’t believe this is a headline fight!

Antonio Silva (-240 Bookmaker) vs. Ricco Rodriguez (+250 Sportsbook)
Ricco’s just coming off his reality TV debut on “Celebrity Rehab” where he had to deal with not only an addiction problem but, also the realization that he might have some violence and aggression issues. Outside of the rehab show, Ricco is still fighting and holds a solid record with only three losses since 2004. Ricco is typically considered a great submission artist who likes to bang. His opponent is basically a larger version of himself.

Antonio is a huge lump of a fella, often tipping the scales at around 300 lbs. He’s currently 8-1 , finished all of his fights in the first round and hasn’t really taken the time to show us his great Jui-Jitsu skills, instead he seems to prefer very brutal ground and pound. If I were looking for a weakness I’d say that he hasn’t had a solid veteran opponent like Rodriguez before. Other the flip side he’s training with American Top Team in Florida, so he’s seeing plenty of stiff competition in the gym.

Gotta go with the chalk bet on this one, Silva via TKO.

Yves Edwards (-300 Bookmaker) vs. Edson Berto (+250 BetUS)
Yet another former UFC standout, Yves Edwards, looking to continue down any path the MMA world will offer up. Yves is a quick, powerful striker who has gone through a terrible run in the cage. Recently he’s strung together a two fight win streak and now it’s back to a solid test against one of the up and coming fighters in XC’s lightweight division.

Berto is a young Haitian fighter primarily with an aggressive striking style and some nice head kicks. He’s also found a home for his favorite submission, the heel hook, on many occasions.

This should be one of the most entertaining fights of the night. Yves holds an advantage in standup and experience, while Berto will hold a slight advantage on the ground (primarily wrestling) and possibly in overall aggression. Other than one KO from KJ Noon’s Berto has won 9 of his last 10 fights and that means a lot of confidence. I think the odds here are good enough for a small dog bet on Berto to pull out a decision.

James Thompson (+215 Sportsbook) vs. Brett Rogers (-215 Bookmaker)
I'm not too informed on these two Thompson is a former Pride fighter with a pretty mixed record. Brett Rogers is unbeaten but untested at higher levels of competition. Looks to be set up as a heavyweight slugfest. If you have any insight feel free to enlighten me.

Kyle Noke (-130 Sportsbook) vs. Scott Smith (+125 BetUS)
Well Scott is the name most UFC fans will know. Scott is a consumate slugger, but he had a tuff run in the UFC (1-3). His demise for the most part has been how one dimensional his game is. Kyle Noke is an Aussie looking to test himself against higher caliber fighters and Smith is a good step. Noke has a well rounded game and is riding a nice streak.

Noke's ground game should be the deciding factor in this fight. As long as he doesn't get goated into a standup match I see him pulling out the win. I'm putting a small bet on Noke.

You wanna make a bet....

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