UFC 82: Evan Tanner vs Yushin Okami Betting Odds

By Paul Thursday, February 21, 2008
A comeback in the fight game is never easy, but stepping in against a fighter like Yushin should get the old juices flowing for one of my favorite nutballs, Evan Tanner - I mean that in the best possible way - Tanner is not the prototypical MMA fighter obsessed with being the best or tracking where he fit's into the mix.

Tanner has been training at Hard Knocks Muy Thai and the Xyience Traing Center in Vegas and at Absolute MMA in Salt Lake City with Josh Burkman. Physically, he looks to be coming back well. Mentally, he appears to have the drinking demons behind him and is back to focusing on his very simple lifestyle and his joy of the battle. for a closer look at his daily prep for this come back check out the Evan Tanner Online Journal.

Yushin will be an extreme test of Evan's current conditioning. Both fighters are known for their strength and have proven very difficult to put away. Yushin's strengths are actually very similar to Tanner's with Yushin being slightly more dangerous on the ground and Evan having the edge on the feet.

I'm not going to dig deep into this fight, both guys have the tools to win in several possible ways and in the end it will come down to who can impose their will. My sense is Okami's looking past this fight and Tanner has nothing else on his mind.

The current odds have Yushin Okami (-200 BetUS) as a fairly significant favorite over Evan Tanner (+190 Bookmaker). The heavy chalk on Okami is due to a mix of current name recognition (yes people forget in just two years), and the fact that this is Tanner's first fight back from oblivion. In reality with both of these guys in shape it's an even match up. For me this is a dog bet I can't leave alone and besides I love to support guys like Tanner.
Prediction: Tanner via TKO.

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