Kenny Florian vs Joe Lauzon a Wicked Frick'n Pissa

By Paul Thursday, March 06, 2008
UFN 13 is frick'n packed wit so many fights I don't even know wheah to staht. The headlinah is going to be one to remebah. Kenny is feel'n supah chahged onna-conna 'is current tree fight win streak.

But make no mistake J-lau is feel'n dis shit too, an train'n wit a dawg like BJ you know his skills ah get'n tight. My boy Joe is strong too, that's da one place I see'm holdn D'advantage.

Dee's two ah gonna 'av a shot at fight of the yeah...really. I ain't mak'n a call on dis one, but I will say theah is no way J-lau should be a frick'n 2-1 frick'n way bro.

Joe Lauzon Highlight reel; been around a while, but it's still MINT.

You wanna make a bet....
Desert Dog

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