Strikeforce: Cung Le vs Frank Shamrock Betting Odds

By Paul Thursday, March 27, 2008
This is the most serious opponent Shamrock has seen in since Tito Ortiz in 1999. Strikeforce gave Shamrock a window for his big comeback to MMA in 2006 and he's been handed some pretty easy competition in his three fights back. His one loss in those three fights was due to an illegal knee, but up until that he looked pretty! Baroni was a test of his chin and patience but that's about it. Shamrock has great cardio so pace is not going to be his problem. His problem will be avoiding a mule kicking the shit out of him.

Cung Le is new to MMA...kind of. Record wise he's 5-0 and two years into his new career, but previously he fought in San Shou and compiled a 17-0 record with 12 KO's. He also trained with Shamrock in the past and according to Josh “The Punk” Thompson, Cung "used to throw Frank around like a rag doll, like his little sister." Top that all off with the most impressive arsenal of kicks in MMA and you've got Shamrock in serious danger.

Here's how I see it: TKO's go to Cung 75%, Submissions go to Shamrock 80%, decisions go to Cung 65% and I see even chance for any of these outcomes. The reason I see Cung taking most decisions is not only points scored in the standup, but he's a very good wrestler and actually has better takedowns than Shamrock. Once it hits the ground Cung's plan is to get back to his feet no matter what postiion he's in.

Probabilities wise I see this as a basically even fight with a sliver of an advantage for Cung. The current odds at BetUS have Cung as a +180 underdog. That's a hell of a deal.

So far the rest of the odds on the Strikeforce card are way too lopsided for serious plays so, this will likely be my one bet for the event.

My Strikeforce Bets:
Cung Le (+180) bet 1 unit to win 1.8

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