UFC 84 Sean Sherk vs BJ Penn Betting Odds and Analysis

By Paul Monday, May 05, 2008
BJ Penn is the shit, really! and Sean Sherk....well in my opinion he isn't! The matchup definitely makes this fight. BJ has accumulated a retarded amount of skill and now he's decided to start training some of that cardio stuff. BJ Penn in shape has more options to win a fight than any one else in the game (maybe Silva) it's that simple. At 155 BJ has a size advantage and in terms of leverage and mobility a strength advantage as well in this fight, You may think whatever, but whatch his fights with muscle strong guys like Steveson and Hughes and even back in the day against Machida and you'll see how much of an advatage he can have.

Picure Sherk's last fight...I know that's a long time, but can you really picture Sherk wrestling BJ down and maintianing his lay'n'pray for 5 rounds??? Because that's his only option for a win. Sherk's reach is so ridiculously short the only way he's ever scored a real TKO was with ground and pound. It takes the crazy athletasism of a GSP to get BJ down and punish him there (BJ being gassed helps as well). Yes, I know Hughes beat him with GNP too but I give the injury more credit for that than Hughes.

This is a bit more of a rant than a straight analysis for this fight, sorry, but sometimes you just have to let a little out. Short and sweet of it BJ is feeling it right now and he's not going to be denied by the likes of Sherk.

With Bodog's odds of -225 I'll be laying down a max bet with a smile on my face.

The other two fights on top of this card also look pretty interesting. I'm putting some serious thought into Jardine's fight with Wandi. Jardine has my interest for now, I'll post a full analysis next week.

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6 comments to ''UFC 84 Sean Sherk vs BJ Penn Betting Odds and Analysis"

  1. free bet

    Anything can happen in the UFC, im not completely sure about the outcome of this...

  2. Of course anything can happen. I was positive GSP would beat Serra the first time and I was even more certain CroCop would destroy Gonzaga....

    But the odds are in my favor on this bet and that's what I play, the odds, not certainties.

  3. I have to say, at +190 I think I'd put my money on Sherk. If he's as fit as he was before I think his cardio is way better than Penn's. BJ has gassed in 3 rounds, how's he going to look if it gets to the 4th and 5th round?

    If Sherk can last the first 2 rounds, I think he's got a good chance of squeezing out another decision.

  4. I think theres a chance for some good money on ortiz and sherk.
    Upsets aren't that uncommon in mma

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