James Irvin "I'll beat Silva in the clinch"....Shut the fuck up!

By Paul Tuesday, July 08, 2008
James is making a big splash in the name game right now setting his sights on one of the best all around fighters on earth right now. I believe Irvin has a shot, he's very strong athletic and well rounded and has bricks for hands...But, "I'll beat Silva in the clinch"??? why even say it?

Possibly the strongest 185 pounder, Rich Franklin, felt the clinch was his world too, by the way he's heading to 205 confidently knowing he's as strong as most in the top ten. Franklin was stunned by Silva's strength inside. Then Henderson, one of the best greco guys in the bussiness, gave Silva a good roll, of course he made a mistake and paid. Marquart Strong as hell with ground 'N pound galore...good night. Silva's beaten many of the best in many different ways and the clinch is a proven part of his game. As for Irvin, I can't think of any fights where he's shown his prowess in the clinch....Takedowns are not controling the clinch, they're takedowns period.

Both fighters are 6'2", Irvin has a 75.5" reach and Silva has a 75.5" reach. Silva will be cutting about 15 pounds and be at about 210-215 fight time. Irvin will be cutting 15-20 pounds and will be about 220 fight time. Putting on more than 15 lbs rehydrating in 24 hrs is pretty rare. In the end Irvin will likely hold a pure strength advatage, but much like BJ Penn Silva's strength is greatly bolstered by flexability, leverage, and spot-on techniques.

Irvin you rock, especially for taking any fight offered, but shut the fuck up....just do your thing and tell us after the fight that you beat Silva in the clinch.

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Desert Dog

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2 comments to ''James Irvin "I'll beat Silva in the clinch"....Shut the fuck up!"

  1. Anonymous3:21 AM

    Can't think of a fight where James Irvin used the clinch effectively?

    James Irvin v. Doug "the Rhino" Marshall

    Irvin used an effective Thai clinch to land effective knees against a shorter opponent all fight.

  2. Anonymous1:38 AM

    this place is turning to shit