UFC 88 Betting Odds: Chuck Liddell vs Rashad Evans

By Paul Friday, August 29, 2008
Chuck Liddell (-260) vs Rashad Evans(+225)
Best odds on this fight are currently found at BetUS for Liddell and Bookmaker for Evans. At -260 the books say Liddell should win this fight about 72% of the time. Looking at past fights and how these two match up on paper I don't see many probable outcomes with Evans getting the win.

Liddell holds a solid advantage on the feet. Although Evans is fast and powerful his shorter reach and general fight style feed well into Chucks counter punching. In terms of getting the fight to the ground Liddell's wrestling is much better especially in an MMA terms. Yes, Evans was a college wrestler but his record was close to 50/50. Never the less, even if Rashad does get it to the ground it's very unlikely he'll control or keep it there, he's no Couture on the ground. Conditioning won't be a question for either fighter and if it does go three rounds chances are the judges will prefer Chuck's stlyle and agression.

Evan's will likely find he's getting the short end of each exchange on the feet, shoot and fail, repeat until he gets caught. Chucks shot defense percentage is ridiculous and the frustration it creates has led to many fighters taking a nap...So it shall be for Rashad.

Prediction: Liddell via TKO
Bet: 260 to win 100

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