Is Brock Lesnar The Best Heavyweight in the World?

By Paul Wednesday, July 08, 2009
Brock Lesnar (- 225 Bodog) vs Frank Mir (+190 BetUS)

Brock (Cock Chestnar...thanks Fightlinker) is no doubt a physical freak of nature and of course holds a tremendous wrestling background, but really what have we seen of him? His first big fight showed that as a wrestler he coud take down someone like Mir...who is great on the ground but has never been a solid wrestler or shown a need for takedown defense. In the end his first fight with Mir ended due to a lack of experience.

His next fight put him right back in the mix with Heath Herring a wry intelligent fighter, but someone who often fights in a defensive style. He was able to survive a brutal cock smack to the eye and go on to lose a decision. Brock maintained control throughout the rest of the fight but never was able to put Heath in a bad spot agian. We also never got to see Lesnar tested on his feet. Can he take a shot... how will he deal with someone of similar stature...IS there someone of similar stature??

His last fight with Randy Couture, pitted a superior fighter in terms of planning, skills, and ability with a monster holding a minimum of 50 pounds on Randy and the biggest heaviest hands in the UFC. In the end the The mass overcame the skills. Randy was able to control Brock in the clinch and was looking to put on a bit of a clinic in terms of game planning, but Brock's bricks are so heavy even catching what looked to be a glancing blow will put down any of the smaller heavy weights.

So, who out there has the skills or power to overcome the charging Cock? Of course the name Fedor jumps out of everyones mouth...for gods sake Dana just let him fight we don't care what the fucking stipulations are. Anyway beyond Fedor, there's also Josh Barnett who's someone with enough mass and a well rounded game that pits well against wrestlers. There's also a little more distant names like Cain valasquez or Shane Carwin. what it comes down to for now is size and athletasism. Brock is simply the biggest kid on the block right now and the only weapon other fighters have to battle that is a slick defensive game that provides an opportunity for some thpe of counter.

Mir came up with a slick counter in the first fight, but do you really think it will happen again? The reality is Brock likely knows what he did wrong and, as Randy Couture said of this fight, it's a lot easier to fix mistakes than it is to repeat what you did to the same fighter. Who do you think has the right tools to take out Lesnar??

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