UFC 100 Betting Odds and Analysis: Dan Henderson vs Micheal Bisping

By Paul Thursday, July 02, 2009
Dan Henderson (-230 BetUS) vs Micheal Bisping (+190 Bodog)

The opinions on this fight are all over the board, but most people are leaning very heavy toward Henderson due to his experience, heavy hands, and tremendous grappling game. You hear cliches like "Henderson just knows how to win".

Recently Hendo stated that with a win over Bisping he thinks he's ready for another title shot. This brings up where he is in his career and how much more he has left. At 38 and having won and lost to belts in two weight classes Dan seems very focused on his one last hurrah. If I can just get the belt back and finish on top, I'm sure that's what's in his mind. The question is can his body continue to hold up to the demands and is he looking past "The Count" in this fight. He's a proven, level headed fighter and extremely difficult to put away, but that doesn't mean he's focused on Bisping instead of his legacy.

Micheal Bisping has gone through a very interesting progression, culminating in him moving down in weight just as Dan did. His last three fights at 185 have produced very impressive wins and shown how he has developed his Muy-Thia attack as well as his defense on the ground and feet.

Micheal's does an excellent job of avoiding real damage and dishing out his own. A new found favorite weapon - knees from the clinch - could be dangerous or deadly against Henderson. As long as they are fast and powerful enough to keep Dan off balance he's fine, but they could also become takedown opportunities. Another plus on Bisping's side is training with Rampage who is not only a very strong wrestler, but also a past opponent of Dan's and a great source for information.

The advantages for Henderson are his punching power and grappling and for Bisping it's speed, technical Muy-Thai and elusiveness. Being a three round fight could also be an advantage for Bisping, since he will have less time in front of Henderson's dangerous hands. Hendo's most probable way to finish this fight is via TKO, but he tends to start slow on the feet, preferring to take the fight down and wear his opponents early. If Bisping can remain elusive and stay off his back early, he can bait Henderson into a standup battle. Now, It's not very like that Micheal can get past Dan's chin, but his speed, accuracy and technical skills on the feet will provide the points needed for a win. Henderson's grinding style depends on him getting an opponent down at will and then having that threat there the rest of the fight to keep people guessing and off their game plan.

I think this is one of the better dog bet on the card. I would prefer a betting line over +200, (which have been coming and going). There's a chance that Bisping's fan could even the odds out a bit more so if you like this one take it sooner than later.

Prediction: Bisping via Out-hustle
Bet: 1 unit to win 1.9

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