UFC 101 Jaw Dropper - Forrest Griffin vs Anderson Silva

By Paul Tuesday, August 04, 2009
Photo via the prowess of Fightlinker's photoshop skills The odds of this happening at UFC 101 is 100%...Of course Anderson will hit him back.

Forrest Griffin (+285 Bodog) vs Anderson Silva (-350 BetUS)

Nobody seems to be giving Forrest much of a chance. Yes he's had his shit conked by Jardine and Evans, but he's also stepped and beat Rampage and Rua...That's huge, really. Anderson of course could put him away or possibly submit him. But Forrest is a machine and if he stays outside to frustrate Silva and then shows off his new wrestling skills with some takedowns, he could hammer his way to a decision, really! The odds of that happening are about 20-25%, that means you need a moneyline of +300 or better, which has popped up a few times on BetUS and Bookmaker so if you like the risk keep your eyes open otherwise look for -300 or better on Anderson.

You wanna make a bet....

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