WEC 42 Betting Odds and Analysis

By Paul Sunday, August 09, 2009
Oh damn, I'm pretty wasted right now...you ever had Jack Daniels Rye...It's really fucking good. Any way I'm looking to recoop a 1.15 unit loss from last night with a bet on the sweet WEC 42 card tonight. The two badest mother fuckers at 135 are set for 5 rounds and the odds are very out of whack. I think it's based on how amazing and diverse Miguel Torres game is and how relatively narrow the scope of Brian's game is. But Brian is a monster, his power and control must be avoided. in this weight class fighters cannot meet him head on they must attack from angles and with complete presision. Miguel Torres is just the guy to do it. At -375 (BetUS) It'sa decent line and I'll take it to break even for the weekend.

Most of the betting lines are pretty lopsided for the main card but here they are for you to look over.

WEC 42: Aug

Fighters By the Books

Bet US

Bodog Sport BookSportsbook.com5dimes
Mguel Torres-375-500-500-335
Brian Bowles+275+300+300+275
Jeff Curran+165+190+190+165
Takeya Mizugaki-210-250-250-205
Dominick Cruz
Joseph Benavidez-280-340-275-275
Jameel Massough+375+375+375+400
Leonard Garcia-550-575-575-550

PS +190 for Jeff Curran is worth a small bet too. So much experience and physical dominance against a smaller fighter who does not cut weight and wins primarily by decision...It's got potential.

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