TUF 10 Betting Odds: Roy Nelson vs Brendan Schaub

By Paul Thursday, December 03, 2009
Roy Nelson (-275 BetUS) vs Brendan Schaub (+215 BetUS)

Few people are excited about the thought of Roy Nelson getting a UFC contract, including Dana White. The problem is he knows how to win and his competition so far has just plain sucked. Brendan Schaub is still budding as a fighter and will likey be moving down to 205 lbs after this fight. Point being - Size is a real issue in this match up. Brendan was able to overcome Marcus Jones size due to his inexperience, but against an opponent who knows how use it...Well lets just say BIG Country knows how to use it.

This fight will likely look like the rest of Nelson's fights: Opponent comes strong landing good shots - Bellyflop-kerplop opponent meets the mat - Opponent assumes the "Borat "position - Ref stops the fight because Roy is fat.

Okay enough funny business, Brendan's real chance to win this fight could come from his training camps. He's been woking in Marquardt's Denver Gym and with Greg Jackson. He's has a very strong boxing background and has progressed well in his BJJ. I don't see him submitting Roy, but Jackson will provide him with a game plan to stay off his back and use his speed and conditioning to pick Nelson apart and maybe, just maybe knock his fat ass out.

I'm Going with Schaub as an OK dog bet, I'll probably drop 50 points on him.

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