Frank Mir vs Cheick Kongo Betting Odds and Prediction for UFC 107

By Paul Tuesday, December 08, 2009
Frank Mir (-200 BetUS) vs Cheick Congo (+220 BetUS)

An interesting matchup and not the typical grappler vs kickboxer, because Mir's not that good of a wrestler. His ground game is very solid and but when the fight hits the ground he's on his back more often than not. Mir's very dangerous from that position, but stronger opponents like Lesnar were able to dominate him with ground and pound. Suprisingly, Kongo has just such a game on the top and even more importantly every fight starts on the feet and Kongo will have an extreme advantage there. If Cheick lands a shot like he did on Velasquez...It will be over before you can blink. His weaknes in the past was getting put on his back and flailing, but over the last few years he has made great strides and become down right deadly when he puts someone on their back.

Bottom line Mir's submission game is being overvalued here. Mir doesn't match up anywhere else and should not win this fight more than 2 of 3 times. Kongo's striking, speed, conditioning and yes...experience suggest he should be sitting around +150 or better. His ability to fend off subs is still in question but it's well within my comfort zone to float a 1/2 point dog bet on him

Prediction: Kongo via TKO, Bet 50 to win 110

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