UFC 111: Captain Canada vs Underdog

By Paul Friday, February 26, 2010

Captain Canada has proven his near invincibility with 13 wins in the UFC and his two UFC losses... vengeance was later rained down on Hughes and Serra. GSP has been the favorite in every fight he's had since 2007 and  minus one BIG exception (-700 against Serra), he's come  through with flying colors.
Dan "Underdog" Hardy has been posted as the underdog in his last 5 fights...and he's paid off in EVERY one of those fights. Now that he's up against the toughest fighter he'll likely ever meet, is it worth putting some money on his side based just on his past performances as an underdog??? 
The odds say absolutely, but the match-up and my gut say never bet against GSP. If you like playing the odds though it would make for a sweet payoff.
You wanna make a bet....
Desert Dog

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3 comments to ''UFC 111: Captain Canada vs Underdog"

  1. Anonymous2:50 AM

    Hi, as you can see this is my first post here.
    I will be glad to receive some assistance at the start.
    Thanks and good luck everyone! ;)

  2. Anonymous2:43 PM

    I'm pumped for this fight and I agree with your short analysis that it is worth to place a (small) bet on Hardy.
    On paper it doesn't look good for him but he's on a roll (hasn't lost a fight in almost 4 years) and I can see the upset happen. People say St. Pierre learned his lesson after Serra and that Hardy lacks the Wrestling background, has not real good technical striking (which I think will work for him) and has not shown himself to finish opponents.
    Still all it needs is a good punch and the odds are too good to let them pass by.
    Fitch is the other interesting underdog on this card, actually I was a little surprised about the lines for this bout. Fitch beat Alves already once and while it's true that Alves fought better competition since then I think the loss could still be in the back of his mind.
    Out of all the favourites I like Saunders best. I'm pretty confident in Almeida too but against Brown I decided to skip the bet.
    It's nice to see there is still a decent betting fanblog around among all the other shitty commercial sites.
    Keep up the good work please and continue to share your picks and opinions.


  3. Thanks Henry...

    I agree with your thoughts on Fitch being a slight dog. He may not finish every fight, but he's only lost to GSP (since 2003!!) and he's beaten Alves previously. (This will be my next post).

    Almeida is one I'll be avoiding too, brown is the kind of gritty fighter that challanges all styles.
    It's going to be a great event.