Strikeforce Nashville with a bang this weekend, featuring a whopping three title fights. The first thing I thought when I saw the odds was "did Tim Stout go blind or something, cause Miller isn't THAT great". But seeing the unexpected upsets over the last two months it might be worth considering a bet on Stout.

Strikeforce Main Event Betting Odds

Dan Henderson (-400 BetUS) vs. Jake Shields (+325 Bodog)
Henderson is bigger, stronger, and a devistating striker. His wrestling will allow him to dictate where the fight takes place and in the end Henderson will turn the lights out and put the Strikeforce middleweight belt around his waist.

Gegard Mousasi (-230 BetUS) vs. “King Mo” Lawal (+190 Bodog)
This is a great match up! King Mo is very young in his unbeaten career (6-0), but he's shown tremendous power, tenasity, and dare I say FLAIR. Stepping in against Mousasi will likely be the toughest fight he ever has. Gegard is 28-2, has won 15 straight fights in the last 4 years and has finished 93% of his fights. Mousasi is a DREAM Grand Prix champion and of course the Strikeforce light Heavyweight Champion. Gegard will have his hads full with the power and wrestling of King Mo, but he has shown over the years that he knows how to handle fighters of all styles.

Gilbert Melendez (-155 Bodog) vs. Shinya Aoki (+130 BetUS)
Since Aoki claims to believe that losing this fight would have serious ramifications for the sovereignty of Japanese MMA, I’m inclined to think he’s really motivated. He has enough unconventional tricks to get the fight to the mat that he should be able to at least get a shot at submitting Melendez, but it’s just a matter of whether he can keep from getting bullied all over the cage. At these odds, I think Aoki’s worth a small risk. And for the record, if I lose my money I am fully prepared to blame it all on the lack of tights.

Jason Miller (-1000 BetUS) vs. Tim Stout (+1000 Bodog)
Yes, Miller is a quality fighter with a ton of experience, but just because Stout is coming out of the bush leagues doesn't mean he only has a 1 in 10 chance of knocking the shit out of Mayhem. As far as this being main event quality fight...I highly doubt it. So you can either choose to ignore this one or put a tiny bit of cabbage on Stout as a pure odds play.

If you want a fun parlay and a chance to put money on Mayhem, try a four-fight chalk bet parlay on Henderson, Mousasi, Melendez, and Miller you should get odds of about +225

You wanna make a bet....
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