UFC 114 Betting Odds for Evans vs Jackson

By Paul Monday, May 10, 2010
Do you really want to piss off Rampage?
This fight was interesting when it was first announced, but now that Dana has hinted that the winner is likely to face Shogun for his first title defense the stakes just got a lot higher for both guys. There hasn't been much discussion of where Rampage stands with the UFC and if he even wants to continue fighting, but for now I'll just assume he does to keep this interesting.

The match up pits the power and wrestling of Rampage Jackson against the speed and wrestling of Rashad Evans. Each fighter has some similarities but they use the same skill base with very different styles. I think Rashad will stick with his typical game plan of stick and move using his boxing as his primary weapon.

Rampage on the other hand could push to take things to the ground in hopes of working his ground and pound...or he could just go for the "I'll smash your ass Fool!" style. I used to think Rampage wasn't that great of a wrestler but his fight with Dan Henderson really showed his ability to control a fight on the ground even against someone with the pedigree of Dan.

The odds opened with Rashad as a +130 to +140 dog. Since the open the moneyline has moved closer to the middle with Evans now sitting around +100 to +120. Odds makers and bettors are leaning toward Rampage primarily because of his power advantage. Although I'm not sure of Jackson's future, I think he'll take some leg kicks and and a couple of solid shots before he gets really pissed and rips
Rashad's head off...Fool!

You wanna make a bet....
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