Chael Sonnen Smack Talk Ends With Broken Jaw

By Paul Tuesday, August 03, 2010
Chael Sonnen Taps
Chael Sonnen Taps
Just an early prediction.

Love it or hate it, Chael's endless jawing has fight fans on both sides of this one frothed. The betting odds show that bettors don't buy Sonnen's belief that he can control Silva for five rounds.

Anderson Silva (-450) vs Chael Sonnen (+325)

Sonnen Taps Again
Sonnen Taps Again
Chael has proven with his last three fights that he can overpower and out wrestle good fighters. What he hasn't shown is that he can compete with an elite striker or someone with strong finishing Jiu-Jitsu...Anderson happens to have both.

Sonnen on Tap
Sonnen Tap Coming
Chael's last three losses were by submission and it's not hard to imagine it happening one more time. Anderson has shown he can take punishment on the ground and turn it quickly into a deadly offense from his back. Sonnen's greatest strength is his wrestling, but in the end it will lead him to defeat via a submission or KO via the knees.

The betting odds aren't that bad anywhere below -500 for a small chalk bet on Silva. This is a pretty safe addition to any parlay as well.

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