James Toney vs Randy Couture Betting Odds

By Paul Tuesday, August 24, 2010
James Toney Focused
Subtitles or not Toney is bringing a lot of interest to the table. This is the first real test of a pure-elite boxer stepping into a cage with a truly elite MMA fighter. So how will this play out, will the questions of boxing vs MMA really be answered with this one fight? Hell if I know, but I do know that this is a serious fight for both men.

(trending higher from +335 to +540 this week)

The stylistic break down is simple...Toney wants to defend the take down and punch a hole in Couture's head, Randy wants to engage in the clinch, secure a takedown and then beat on Toney until he can lock in a submission.

The deciding factor in this fight will not be experience but endurance. Couture is the master of fight plans and he knows damn well that exchanging punches with JT will end his night, so he will be constantly pressuring Toney against the fence, slowly emptying his tank.  I know James has been training for some time now but the change to 5-minute rounds and being forced to grapple with the likes of Couture will be more than he's prepared for.

On Toney's side every round starts on the feet and he will definitely be the most devastating puncher Randy has ever faced. Randy has a decent chin, but he's been dropped by several fighters and getting caught is a very real danger this Saturday night at UFC 118.

In betting terms, Toney should be sitting at about +200 to +300, but the betting lines right now have him as a 6 to 1 dog, that means if he wins this fight more than 14% of the time it's worth putting your money on Toney. I think Couture will win this, but in betting terms, the only value is in a bet on Toney...It's your money though so you decide, I'll just be watching this one.

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