Main card picks:

BJ Penn -280 (Bet 280 win 100) 5Dimes 
Randy Couture -560 (Bet 560 win 100) 5Dimes
Kenny Florian -150  (Bet 300 win 200) 5Dimes
Mario Miranda +205 (Bet 100 win 205) Bodog
Marcus Davis +175 (Bet 100 win 175)  5Dimes

Undercard Picks:

Dan Miller -275 5Dimes 
Joe Lauzon -325 5Dimes 
Nik Lentz +102 (Bet 100 win 102) 5Dimes 
Mike Peirce -250 Bodog 
Nick Osipczak -140 Sportsbook 
Gerald Harris (na)

Parlay at BetUS - Penn, Couture, Florian +141
Tie together three solid picks for a tidy little parlay. BetUS is my favorite site for MMA betting, especially for parlays and over/unders. BetUS promotes UFC/MMA events more than any other sportsbook.

BJ Penn (-280 5Dimes) vs. Frankie Edgar (+255 5Dimes) 
Here we go again. It seems crazy have beaten someone in your last fight and still be a significant underdog to them, but that's the Penn aura. Penn did not seem himself last time around and against a juggernaut like Frankie a fighter can't miss a step.

This time around look for the same fight from Edgar as always. The difference will be on the other side, Penn will be much more willing to open up knowing that Edgar can't put him away. Look for Penn's power to turn the tides early. If he can't put Edgar away in the first round with strikes he'll likley turn to getting control on the ground and working him over there.

Prediction: Penn via TKO, Bet 280 to win 100

Randy Couture (-560 5Dimes) vs. James Toney (+475 5Dimes)
We've all put our opinions on this fight out there already. Toney is an amazing and powerful boxer...this isn't boxing and Randy Couture is as smart a fight planner as you will ever find. Couture will get Toney down and James will have a long will crushing night.

Prediction: Couture via long-slow ass beating, Bet 560 to win 100.

Kenny Florian (-150 5Dimes) vs. Gray Maynard (+140 5Dimes)
I believe Florian is still the number two lightweight in the UFC and his skill set and speed will eat Maynard's wrestling alive. Maybe Gray has some power but his lunging standup will not find it's mark against Kenny. Florian's time wrestling with GSP is going to be a huge asset and has his confidence soaring.

Plain and simple Kenny's technique and speed crushes Maynard's wrestling handily. This will be my anchor bet for the night.

Prediction: Kenny Florian via submission,  Bet 300 win 200

Demian Maia (-210 5Dimes) vs. Mario Miranda (+205 Bodog)
This is my first dog pick for the night and I think Miranda will surprise a lot of fight fans. Maia is coming off another disappointing loss and he's again facing excellent striker. Miranda has a very strong BJJ gamewhich will allow himi to defend against Maia's. The tide turner in this fight will be Miranda's movement and precision striking.  After this Maia might think about returning to BJJ tournaments where people don't punch you in the temple.

Prediction: Miranda via TKO,  Bet 100 to win 205

Nate Diaz (-190 5Dimes) vs. Marcus Davis (+175 5Dimes)
Hey it's a boxer against a BJJ guy, OK not really. Davis does have a pro-boxing background but he also has 23 MMA fights, 12 in the UFC. Davis has dropped two of his last three fights, but those were against excellent strikers. Marcus has only been submitted once and that was six years ago.

Diaz has good hands, but his only real tool to end a fight is his BJJ. He won't have the opportunity to catch Davis during a takedown attempt because he'll never try. Davis's movement and experience should allow him to keep this fight where he wants it...on the feet. Over three rounds of stand up, Davis will eventually hit the mark and ends Nate's night.

This is my second dog pick for the night. Do you really expect a Cali kid to win in Boston against an Irish Bostonian??

Prediction Guida via Decision, Bet 100 to win 100

Preliminary card:

Dan Miller (-275 5Dimes) vs. John Salter (+240 Sportsbook)
Prediction: Miller via Decision, No bet.

Joe Lauzon (-325 5Dimes) vs. Gabe “Shitzilla” Ruediger (+300 Bodog)
Gabe is a turd on turd toast covered in a light turd mayo. But he’s won his last 6 fights at shitshows....blah so what. I think I’ll go take a dump now.

No Bet

Andre Winner (-112 5Dimes) vs. Nik Lentz (+102 5Dimes)
The betting lines for this fight have been vacillating more than Brianna Banks butthole! Lentz is not well known yet, but I think he’s on his way to being another Clay Guida. Nik's pace, wrestling, and ground control are the perfect answer to a fighter like Winner. I see a three round grind with Lentz dishing out the most punishment. 

Prediction: Lentz via decision, Bet 100 to win 102

Mike Peirce (-250 Bodog) vs. Amilcar Alves (+200 BetUS)
I like Peirce in this fight, but there not enough info on Alves for me to make a bet. Alves has many tools that work well against fighter like Peirce. Amilcar is significantly taller, has excellent Muy Thai kicks, and a strong submission game. I'll just wait to see how his debut goes.

Prediction: Peirce via TKO, No bet

Nick Osipczak (-140Sportsbook) vs. Greg Soto (+130Bodog)

You wanna make a bet....
Desert Dog

I have followed the UFC for over 10 years, written as a handicapper, and spent my spare time as an online poker grinder. Unfortunately, I ran out of legal wagering options...Thank god for Daily Fantasy Sports and the much needed addition of MMA drafts. I offer my insight into MMA fight handicapping and fight analysis for the purpose of making some dough at DFS!

2 comments to ''UFC 118 Betting Odds and Picks"

  1. parlay; penn, florian, osipczak

    osipczak lost a split decision over rick story, a fantastick fighter.
    eSome believed osipczak won that fight. he beat matt riddle who greg soto lost a loopsided 3. round tko. if soto pulls this off this is a major upset, like a said, penn, florian, osipczak.

  2. Looks like a good bet eremias with very nice odds.