UFC 124: Georges St Pierre vs JOsh Koscheck Betting Odds and Analysis

By Paul Friday, December 10, 2010
GSP is Captain Canada
GSP vs Koscheck has garnered more interest than possibly any UFC event in recent years. For us bettors that means lots of action. This doesn't rank up there with GSP's second bout against Hughes where you could get Georges as an underdog. Instead, it's more like GSP vs Serra II, where GSP's odds were just reasonable, but the security and expected value was very high. BetUS currently has the best odds on GSP at -400 and with GSP vs Koscheck I as our guide, I'm comfortable increasing my bet size on this bout.

One of the best examples of a rematch between two fighters who have gained a great deal of experience but still match up against each other in exactly the same way comes from Fitch vs Alves II. Even with 4 years between fights the outcome was almost exactly the same. I feel very strongly that this will hold true for GSP vs Kos II.

Although both fighters have gained vast experience since their last meeting over 3 years ago, these two still match up the same. Georges St Pierre has all of the tools and advantages to control where and how this fight takes place. If Koscheck chooses to stand his technical weaknesses and tendency to leap in with big shots will again be exploited through both counters and changes in level by GSP.

When Kos finds that he's on the losing end of the stand up he's bound to look toward his wrestling and ground control. Unfortunately, for Kos Georges is even harder to takedown than BJ Penn. Koscheck will again find himself searching for a part of the fight he can control, but come up empty handed. The biggest difference this time around is that GSP will have 2 extra rounds to find a way to finish "Josh Rosscheck".

Plain and simple GSP still holds the most keys to victory in this match up and even having to lay 4 to 1 I'm comfortable placing a three unit bet on St Pierre.

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