Well the "technical difficulties" of last week were not solved until I returned home well after UFC 125 was in the books. I just watched the show last night and was suprised by every fight except the Diaz vs Kim.

Clay Guida put on a great fight and actually calmed down enough to follow a great game plan to take home his third submission win in a row.

Brandon Vera's striking looked great for about one minute of each round and then he just quit on the ground leading to a complete rearrangement of his nose and a nice Bongo Solo by Thiago Silva in round 3.

Brian Stan beat Chris Leben at his own rock'em sock'em game.

In the main event Gray Maynard put a hell of a beating on Frankie Edgar only to see him come back like it never happened in round 2. Gray never scored a real takedown in the rematch, instead it was Edgar scoring big takedowns and slams. The scoring of the final fight was of course a comlete cluster fuck. Each judge saw a different fight appearently, but the final decision of a draw is justifiable. Rounds 3 and 5 were the hardest to score and were the points of disagreement between all of the judges. Personally, I gave Edgar round 1 through 4, but I can see giving round 5 to Maynard due to him being more dominant in the clinch and scramble. I just thought Edgar's striking did more damage in the final round. This is why fighters and fans hate decisions.

Desert Dog

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